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Welcome to the U. S. Department of Labor Freedom of Information Act Public Access Link. This portal provides members of the public with basic information on how to obtain access to records maintained by DOL, with the exception of the Office of the Inspector General, and allows requesters to submit FOIA requests online. Through this portal, requesters can also track the status of their requests.

If you would like to submit a request to the Office of Inspector General, you should do so only at:

Prior to submitting an online request, please review the following information:

Submitting a FOIA Request to DOL

Are you looking for information from the U.S. Department of Labor? The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides that any person can seek access to agency records, except to the extent that such agency records or portions of such agency records are protected from disclosure by one or more of the nine FOIA exemptions. DOL’s website has a wealth of information about popular topics, public initiatives and the Secretary’s priorities. Our website also allows you to delve into the details of each of the Department's component agencies programs. By taking the time to view our website you may be able to locate the information that is of interest to you without submitting a FOIA request. You can access our website at Please note that the records you are seeking may already be available in the agency FOIA Reading Room/FOIA Library available online at

Description of Records

Although you do not have to give a document’s title, you should identify the documents that you want as specifically as possible to increase the likelihood that the agency will be able to locate them. Any facts you can furnish about the time, authors, events, subjects, and other details of the documents will be helpful to the agency in deciding where to search and in determining which records respond to your request, saving you and the government time and money. Please list, as clearly as possible, the name of the document(s), the type of document(s), and any other specifics you may have that will identify the documents you seek.

Multiple Agency FOIA Requests

This submission site does not provide the ability to submit a single FOIA request to multiple agencies. You can, however, submit the same request to each agency component individually using this site.  Alternatively, you can submit your request via email to, via postal mail or courier service to the Solicitor of Labor, Division of Management and Administrative Legal Services, 200 Constitution Ave NW, Room N-2420, Washington, DC 20210, or by fax to 202-693-5389.  If possible, include the names of the agencies, and the portion of the FOIA that applies to each agency. While the above present various options for submitting a FOIA request, we do not recommend that you submit duplicative requests to each of the options.  This will not result in a quicker response and may likely cause unnecessary processing delays.

To Submit a FOIA Request Online

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